Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our trip to almost see U2

It is an item on Ted's "bucket list, " so...
Tickets purchased more than six months in advance - check.
Hotel reservations made - check.
Flights booked - check.
Arrangements for kids to be watched while we are gone - check.
Activities planned - check.
Weeks of anticipation and growing excitement (not only for the concert, but also to get away with some good friends and enjoy Seattle!) - check!

Bono falling and needing back surgery and canceling the entire North America tour - What!!!!

Oh well. We decided to go anyway, and it was SO FUN! We had a great time. We rode the ferry, went to the pier, went to a Mariners game, ate at some awesome restaurants, and did some shopping. And the best part? - knowing that we will be going next summer again - this time to see U2!

Mariners game - you can also see that they are halfway through the process of closing the overhead canopy of the field due to rain - pretty amazing.

(Obviously the guys weren't into shopping as much as Gayla and I were, but they made some use of the couches at Restoration Hardware. )