Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swim Team

Summer is in full swing, which means mornings full of swimming. Emma and Lincoln do swim team, and the kids love it. It gets us up and out of the house relatively early so I love it too. Each week they have a swim meet which lasts about four hours. It really is fun to see how the kids have improved since last year, but we have absolutely loved seeing their confidence increase. Here are a few pictures of the kids at the last swim meet. Emma does freestyle relay, freestyle, and breast stroke (her favorite by far). Lincoln also does freestyle relay, freestyle, and breast stroke, but he also has added butterfly this year. We were really surprised that he wanted to try this because he really hasn't ever learned to do this stroke. When we asked if he was sure he wanted to try this he said, "Yeah - it's fun to try new things...right, mom?" How do you argue with that?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching up......

Even though I would love to feel like I am catching up, I have given up on ever being truly "caught up." The last little bit has been hectic to say the least. I know that everyone has crazy schedules, and our house was no exception. However, here is a brief update on a few of the highlights that took place over the last two months.

1. Emma finished her soccer season. I wish I had pictures to share, but because Ted was coaching and I was always at baseball, the games that I got to see where few and far between. However, she had a great season and did great!

2. Baseball - what a great season! Lincoln's team really did well. Not only did the accuracy of their throws and catches improve dramatically, but they all worked on knowing how to play truly as a team and make the best play. It was a fun season for Lincoln to play, and it was fun to watch as well. In addition, Sammy was "bat boy". He took his job very seriously and made sure that the bats and helmets were neatly lined up at the beginning of every inning. As a matter of fact, they started one game early and Sam was about three minutes late - when he got there the coaches all commented on how neat and orderly he kept things, and without him it was a confusing mess. It made Sam feel extra important, and he loved every minute of it!

3. Emma finished her Showtime performances. Each year we are more amazed at how her abilities and confidence grow. What a great time they had, and it was fun to watch them perform various Broadway songs.

4. Ted's bike race season started! He has done several time trials, a 50 mile race, and the Sugarhouse criterium. He did great in all of them. The 50 mile race made me a bit nervous because there was an extremely steep hill that even with brakes on and staying towards the back of the group to avoid going too fast, he was going 46 mph. The kids LOVE watching for dad, and Sam has mastered what his helmet looks like and can often point him out before any of us can see him. Still more races to come, but here are some pictures of the most recent: Sugarhouse Criterium.

5. Extending the patio. We realized that we needed more room on our patio, and we needed to get rid of a tree that was too big for the space. We also had to have some fence removed get the picture. We decided to do this ourselves - and we are glad, now. During the process we kept wondering if we were nuts. We are still waiting for the thyme to really grow in between the rocks, but it is coming along nicely, and we have already enjoyed several dinners outside.

6. Gopher trouble. This seems to be a yearly battle with us. This year it got so bad that every day we would awake to four new gopher holes - our yard was thrashed. We decided that drastic times called for drastic measures. The poison hadn't worked. The traps weren't doing anything. So we called Burrow Busters. You can see their website at to get the real idea of how they explode the holes, but essentially they pump some gas deep down into the hole and then spark it. The spark ignites the gas, and the tunnels explode/implode, and hopefully eliminate the gophers. However, the tunnels were so extensive that they exploded all underneath our garden, our neighbor's garden, and around our sprinkler boxes. The sprinkler boxes were completely destroyed, and a few pipes were broken. Those have since been fixed, and we have been relatively free of gophers. We did have a few gopher holes after that, but this time the poison seemed to work - at least we are crossing our fingers that it did.

7. Family pictures - yeah! - sort of. Actually it was a pretty pleasant experience. I am always wondering what we look like as there are about eight people trying to get one 1-year-old to smile and look at the camera. Maybe the perfect picture is actually the picture that truly depicts the family, which is not perfect at all. At least that is what we are hoping. Here is one picture of all of us together, and one that will show you about the best smile we got of Tessa - you'll note that she isn't smiling.... I haven't gotten the pictures of the older kids yet - but here is a good one of Sammy, too.

8. Sammy graduated from preschool. We all LOVE Mrs. Patricia. Seriously, she is the nicest person I think I have ever met in my whole life. Sam loved preschool, and this sets the stage for how excited he is to be in kindergarten riding the bus with his older brother and sister. Here is a picture of Sam with Mrs. Patricia at graduation. He is growing up so fast!

9. Visiting Utah and seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! We also just got back from Utah where we got to see Grandpa Thompson conduct a few songs of Music and The Spoken Word at the Conference Center. It was such a wonderful morning! I forget how powerful the Mormom Tabernacle Choir is - it really was great to see him up there!

10. The older kids just started swim team this week - and they have been swimming even though it is only 46 degrees outside (they are tougher than me). We'll have pictures of their meets in the future.
How crazy life gets, but how grateful we are for all the wonderful opportunities that have come our way! Here's looking forward to another couple of crazy wonderful months!