Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

Let's see - six weeks late? Right on schedule - for me.

Christmas morning is always a blur, but the fact that Jack ate too much prime rib and was up about eight times being sick (yes, Jack is the DOG!) brought a new type of fatigue to this Christmas. Oh well.

The kids waited until the pre-appointed time to wake us up, and one nano second after the clock struck that time they were in our room ready to go. Even when you feel like a zombie the excitement is overwhelming. It was a great morning. They were good sports about waiting for us to get cameras ready.

and then we took more pictures. And more pictures. And got ONE where they were all kind of looking at the camera. :)
Tessa was on the hunt for one present, and although this picture doesn't demonstrate her excitement, she couldn't wait to "cupcake bake."
Sam was also searching for one particular present, but here he is being a good sport when he thinks he didn't get it.
But here he is when he actually did find it - man he loves that telescope. (Man, I don't love finding a place to store that telescope, but what are you going to do?)
Emma wanted one thing - an Ipod Touch. She didn't think it was very funny when we wrapped a new toothbrush for her knowing it was about the same size box. Man, I am just realizing how immature we are as parents, but it was still fun.
Linc's favorite gift was a new digital camera. He and Emma love making and editing movies that they create around the house, the yard, the bluff, etc. He was pretty happy!
They were all excited (especially Ted) about the big gift. It is a new tube to use behind the boat we just bought. We don't have the boat here, so we included a picture of it. When they opened it Emma said, "great, but we don't have a boat." Then she figured it out and said "DO WE???" They are all excited - but Ted is really excited. We're excited to try Lake Powell even though it is a hefty drive - those are some of Ted's best childhood memories so he can't wait to create some with our own family. I am more hesitant thinking about having to learn to really manage the boat both on and off the water, but even with that hesitation I'm excited too.
It was a great day for everyone. And Jack? He was so tired that he slept through the whole thing. Maybe next year I'll skip the dog treats and just buy him Tums. :)

Daddy-O is 39!

You'd never know it. He doesn't look a day over 25. People at our high school reunion were joking about whether he had been cryogenically frozen for 20years. That isn't quite so funny when people are mistaking you for his mother, but the point is -- he looks AMAZING! The best part for me is -- he IS amazing!

Five interesting things about him:

  • He sends me an email every single day to tell me good morning (since we don't have much time to chat in the morning as we are both running around).

  • He has discovered that he loves sushi.

  • He is in the process of trying to read all of the "classics." After his review to me, I won't be reading Moby Dick any time soon. :)

  • Ted puts salt on everything. Seriously. Everything.

  • He STILL eats candy every night.

Happy Birthday, Babe! I love you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We got a wild hair and went crazy......

Well, maybe we should say we were just going crazy trying to keep Tessa's hair out of her eyes, her food, toothpaste, etc. etc. So, we woke up one morning and chopped it. About 10 inches to be exact. I was hyperventilating the whole time. Tessa was upset that it was taking so long, but other than that she was cool as a cucumber. Since then there have been NO fights over doing hair, NO toothpaste, ketchup, glue, or other non-hair substance stuck in there. Man oh man, we LOVE her new haircut!

This is Tessa making what she calls her "super excited kind of surprised look."