Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ted turns 40!

 This is what was waiting for Ted as he walked into work that day - and his office was decorated, but this was up front for everyone to see.  Everyone got to enjoy a picture of his sweet mullett! 

At home he enjoyed a steak dinner, a chocolate bundt cake with glaze, and some peppermint ice cream.  I think this milestone birthday has been a bit harder than anticipated simply because with a torn hamstring and an injured shoulder, for the first time ever Ted began to feel his age.  Or maybe he just missed his mullett.  :)

(The kids said this picture should be rated "B" for BARF.)

 Liese sent him this gentle reminder that he is getting older. 

Happy Birthday, babe!  You are one hot 40-year-old! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

University of Utah Camerata Award

WARNING:  THESE PICTURES ARE HORRIBLE!  However, with so many flashes going off and so many people bustling about it was the best we got.  Oh well - I guess you get what you get..

The point is this:  My dad was honored for his ongoing contributions to the music department at the University of Utah and given a 2011 Camerata award.  It was great to be a part of this - we are all so proud of him and for my mom who has always been his strongest support. 

Love you. 

 As an added bonus to flying to Utah just for the day, I got to have lunch with these gals - and laugh until my sides hurt.  My sisters are amazing and I love them all so much.  I wish we got together more frequently, but I will take anything I can get.  Thanks for the great day, gals!