Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sam Wagner acting as Lincoln's Son

Sam had a great Presidents Day.  He was asked to act out the part of one of Abraham Lincoln's sons for a presentation being done for the legislators on Lincoln's birthday.  He was a little reluctant until I told him he would be missing school to do this.  All he really had to do was stand there as they spoke about Lincoln, his family, and the way Lincoln's influence can still be felt today.  I was happy as a clam to snap a few photos and gaze at the beautiful capitol building.  :)

Definitely a Presidents Day that Sam will never forget!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tessa turns 5!

Tessa had been planning her fifth birthday celebration since the day after her fourth birthday celebration.  She knew what she wanted for dinner, what she wanted to drink, what presents she wanted, and what kind of cake she wanted. 

We tried not to disappoint.  :)

Tessa's koolaid smile says it all!  She loved the dinner, the butterfly cake was to her satisfaction, and she received the puppy dog and crayons that she had been hoping for.  Most of all she received Princess Celestia - the My Little Pony toy that she was begging for for months! 

The following days she didn't let it out of her sight.  One day we were out and about and she turned to me and said in her sing-song voice, "Mommy, let's go home. I want to play with Molestia."  After a few concerned looks I quickly told her that the pony's name was CELESTIA NOT MOLESTIA

Happy Birthday Sweet Tessa!!!  We love you!!