Monday, December 10, 2012

Lincoln's 13th Birthday!

Lincoln turned 13 this year.  Where did the last year go??  He is one sweet and amazing kid, and was really understanding about the fact that we had multiple committments on his actual birthday so we had to celebrate another day.  

 Okay, not my greatest, but it is a foosball table for those of you who are wondering.  :)

Thirteen things that I love about Lincoln:
1.  He is an avid reader
2.  He checks his grades so consistently that I never have to worry about nagging him about his grades!
3.  He has a very sharp and witty sense of humor.
4.  He has a great singing voice.
5.  He has some pretty serious dance moves!
6.  He is very quick to say "thank you, mom" which I love!
7.  The only fruit he will eat is bananas - when Ted & I asked him to eat three grapes over the Christmas holiday and he did it without complaint we about wanted to cry!
8.  He is amazing at math.
9.  He LOVES his guinea pig, Lily.
10.  He is always urging us to get to church early because he doesn't want to have to be the deacon to sit on the stand!
11.  He is one of the kindest kids you will ever meet and will do almost anything to ensure that somebody else doesn't feel badly or left out.
12.  He loves mountain biking with his dad.
13.  He loves the trampoline and is the only one in the family that can (still) do back flips.  

Love you, Lincoln!  Happy 13th!