Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012!

Well, you can see it wasn't a white Christmas until the very end of Christmas Day.  This is Tessa leaving food for the reindeer so they are sure to see our house on Christmas Eve.  

Christmas Eve was our traditional prime rib dinner with the Millingtons - (dang!!  Why haven't we been taking pictures all these years of our families! - but here is a picture from this year!) We had a great time together, and then we continued with our traditions and opened up ornaments and pajamas....

followed by reading Luke 2 and then doing our tradition of our personal year's"best and worst".  

The next morning the kids waited until seven to wake us up and then "patiently" waited at the top of the stairs to go down and see what goodies Santa had brought!  (I'm thinking Santa needs to remember some headbands for Tessa.....hmmmm)

Lincoln's big gift this year was a new mountain bike.

 Sam receiving his sibling gift from Tessa....some new slippers.  

 Sam asked for FIFA 13 and some solar panel stuff this year.  

Lincoln gave Emma several books she had been asking for as his sibling gift.  

 Ted with his LOTOJA medal and picture with his brother framed for his office.....maybe he won't want to do it again with this as a constant reminder!  :)  Just kidding !

 Tessa's big gift this year was the one thing she has been asking for for months and months....Butterscotch the pony.  She LOVES this pony.  It sleeps by her, she dresses it in her clothes, and she takes it anywhere we will let her!

 Emma made Tessa a piggy bank in the shape of an elephant - super cute! 

Emma's big gift this year was Beats headphones.  She LOVES them, and uses them all the time for listening, but also when she is arranging music.  I guess she thinks our house is really noisy and hard to concentrate in!  

Merry Christmas!