Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tessa graduates from preschool

Tessa has gone and done it.  Despite my every effort to stall her growing up, she went ahead and grew, and she was excited about it. 

She is already talking about going to the same school as Sam
She is planning what to carry in her backpack.
She is coordinating school outfits.
She is making a list of necessary school supplies.
She is drawing pictures to help me remember her when she is at school so I won't be lonely.
She is anxiously awaiting that beloved day when she can ride the school bus.
She is ready for kindergarten.

I'm not.

After two years of preschool with Mrs. Patricia, Tessa graduated, and she was thrilled.  She knows what comes next......Kindergarten.  And although I may not love that she is growing up so quickly, I can't help but catch some of that enthusiasm myself.  

Congratulations, Tessa!  We love you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Turning 40!

This year my birthday was on Mother's Day, so I was esecially pampered, but I was still grumpy.  Turning 40 is not going to hit my "highlight reel." 

That being said, I didn't have any good reason to be a grump (other than the fact that turning old stinks and the fact that I relate to Barbara Bush who looked more like George Sr.'s
mother than his wife and Ted gets a few gray hairs and looks "distinguished" and I get gray and look like an old mother hubbard,  but I digress....) 

I was greeted with a homemade "smoothie" made by Tessa which consisted of strawberries and bananas sliced into a cup - her specialty.  I have a great husband who puts up with my neverending list of house projects, and I have sweet kids who remembered to pamper me all day long.

And I have sweet sisters who remembered to send me this lovely bouquet (even though I am sure they were itching to send me the old vulture cookie bouquet!)

I love you all.  Maybe 40 won't be so bad after all. 

Now if you'll excuse me, it is 3:30 in the afternoon so I better get ready for the early bird buffet at Golden Corral!  :)