Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Finished Product

 Three months and countless hours of noise, dust, and overall chaos took us from this:

 and then finally to this.  This is the front yard. 

 The trampoline sunken (sorry about the blurry picture)

The covered patio.  Although we lost areas of grass, we actually gained more usable flat yard.  We also gained a substantial amount of shade, and we love, love, love having a covered patio.  I particularly love the French doors we added.  Mostly we just love being done!!  :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Summer came and went quickly, but these guys (despite what they might tell you) were ready for school to start - or maybe that was me....I forget.  :)
First out the door was Linc.  Out the door at 7:00 off to 7th grade.  Yes, it was still dark outside, but he was still happy to go and face the new world of being a "sevvie."
Next out was Emma.  Lovely as ever, but not as cheery as this picture may suggest.  She had lost her locker combination, and on your first day of high school that is bound to cause some serious stress.  However, she rebounded beautifully and had a great first day.  She also is on the soccer team so she had a long practice after school, and just found out she made the audition choir too.  That means she will start early several days a week.  I don't envy her schedule, but she took it all in stride and even took time to smile for my required picture. 

Tessa and Sam will ride the bus together this year.  One of them is super excited about that - can you tell which one??  Tessa has been waiting for years to be the one to actually get ON the bus.  She had her outfit ready for days.  Seriously.  Days.

Tessa is in morning Kindergarten this year and couldn't be more thrilled.  She did insist on getting a new backpack because going to Kindergarten with a Dora the Explorer backpack would have been, in her own words, "awkward!" 

And lest you think I am playing favorites, the older two kids stood still long enough for me to take ONE picture, and then they were off.  The other two were a little more willing to do some posing for me.  :)

Sam is in fourth grade this year and is loving it. The only thing he doesn't love is having to hold his sister's hand when they cross the street to get to the bus - but someday he'll forgive me I'm sure. 

I must admit that I miss the noise a little bit when they are all gone, but trust me, they make up for it when they get home!  A great start to what we hope is a great year.