Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome to Crazy Town

It is 8:10 a.m. We're already behind. Here is the schedule for the day:

9:00 Sam's soccer game
10:30 Lincoln's soccer game
11:00 Sam's soccer game
1:00 Sam's basketball game
4:00 Ted's Stake Leadership Meeting
4:30 Lincoln's basketball game

Although we thought that Emma would have a game today, she actually doesn't - she already had three this week. Ted and I keep telling ourselves to enjoy the ride. I say that in my mind about 3 million times a day so as to avoid running away screaming. The thing is, one day of pure chaos isn't so bad. It is just that over the past week, since Monday, we had to add four practices, five games, two class parties, one team party, and one birthday party to the schedule.

Don't get me wrong, this ride is tons of fun. I love watching the kids play hard. I love how excited they get about playing. And I admit, I even love to watch Emma getting feisty on the field because it reminds me of her dad (although she came dangerously close to getting a yellow card and I'm okay with THAT never happening). I love how Sam's team gets so into the game, but win or lose they come off the field laughing. I love watching Lincoln's team work together and strategically play a game that seemed to be pure "jungle ball" not too many years ago.

This time goes way too quickly. I know that, so I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy the ride. I also hope that today's ride doesn't leave us in crazy town. Either way we better get going. We have a soccer game waiting.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bogus Basin

The Bogus Basin Hill Climb was this last month. Ted did great. He had one goal - finish it in less than 1:05. Last year's time? 1:07. Every year through the winter he spends countless hours on the bike trainer in the garage. Every spring he has his light gear out and he is training on hills being careful to avoid running into deer or raccoons. Long rides on weekends. Getting up at 5:45 every day. He was ready.

He did great and finished in 1:05:02. Now on to bigger and better things, right? Triathlons? Half ironman? Or maybe just Bogus Basin Hill Climb in 1:03 next year. :) Way to go, babe!

Tessa's Birthday - According to Her

We had a birthday celebration the other day. I caved because I could not take it anymore. Tessa has been asking me non-stop (and by non-stop I mean approximately every 32 seconds) when her birthday was going to be here. She would ask me if it was closer now. She would ask me how many minutes until her birthday. It was crazy. It went on like this for approximately four days. When I tried to explain that her birthday was not until AFTER Christmas she was hysterical. She then started stomping around and screaming, "but Christmas is taking TOO LONG!!!"
I actually tuned it out. I can get pretty frustrated, but I can tune out a certain level of craziness around here. However, Emma couldn't take it anymore.
We came back from our date and Emma had made a yellow cake for her, dyed it pink, and also frosted it with pink frosting. Tessa was thrilled. I kept telling her that she couldn't have another birthday until February. No more asking, no more screaming, no more tantrums (yeah, right). She did agree, though.
She also thinks she is turning five. Whatever - it's all pretend, right?

Ted had consented to pretending the cake was a birthday cake, but when she insisted that we sing to her he just looked at me and said, "we're not really doing this are we?" Clearly he isn't home when she is stomping around and complaining every 32 seconds about how her birthday can't get here fast enough. By the way, she hasn't asked about her birthday since.