Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break 2012

For spring break this year the kids came to us anxiously awaiting to hear what adventure we would be taking.  Two years ago it was Disneyland.  Last year it was a cruise.  You can imagine their enthusiasm when we told them we were heading to Shoshone Falls and then Lava Hot Springs.  Actually, they were really excited thinking these were exotic locations which involved many plane changes.  When we explained that we would be driving to Twin Falls and then over towards Idaho Falls, their enthusiasm seemed to wane a little bit.  However, we had one saving grace in our pocket:  we were meeting our good friends, the Lancasters, over in Lava Hot Springs.  When they heard this they perked right up and got excited. 

Shoshone Falls was beautiful but FREEZING.  They were more excited to head to Chili's and get some dinner.  :)

The next day we headed over to Lava Hot Springs.  We were a little nervous when we saw the hotel.  I believe Ted's actual text to Frank said, "What the heck?  Norman Bates says hello."  Frank thought it was hilarious - the kids were a little nervous.  When we emphasized that it was all part of the adventure then they managed to perk up again.

We had a great time sitting in the springs, playing games, and having the kids run back and forth between rooms was perfect for them - and us!

All in all it was a great spring break.  Thanks for everything Lancasters!  Our kids are already asking when we are going back!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

For a boy whose whole world revolves around soccer, it wasn't hard to understand what his vision was for his Pinewood Derby car.  :)  Good job Sammy!  (Excuse the blurry picture - all I had was my phone!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Emma turns 15!

Do you see that beautiful but exhausted girl?  That is the look of someone who got only hours of sleep because her parents caved in and let her go see the Hunger Games premier at midnight - even though it was a school night.  She was a good sport, though, and did her best to keep her eyes open and be pleasant throughout the coming days.  She still says it was worth it. :)

 She had no idea what this was, but since she would soon be getting her license I made a stoplight cake.  I think she was too tired to show much ethusiasm.  :)

 The day before she had spent her energy singing in a choir concert and doing a beautiful job.  Emma is very talented and is such a joy to have in our house, even when she has only gotten three hours of sleep! 
Happy Birthday Emma!  We love you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tessa Wants A Tattoo (a.k.a. How to Miscommunicate With Your 5-year-old)

I have mastered the art of miscommunication with my sweet 5-year-old.  Seriously.

For example:

We had gone shopping for new soccer shoes for the kids and Tessa saw the flip-flops on display.  Of course, these aren't the $2 flip-flops, these are the $45 flip-flops.  No less than 20 times did I tell her she did not need shoes like that yet because it was still cold outside.  The following day we were driving the kids to school and Lincoln asked me what I would be doing today, and I informed him I would be voting on the school levy.  Tessa got real excited and asked if she could come with me.  She continued to go on and on about how happy she was to be going with me.  She then said in her "I know everything" voice, "Mom, I TOLD you I needed flip-flops!"  All of the other kids looked at her and asked her what in the heck she was talking about.  She turned to them in her sassiest manner and told them, "I need them because me and mom are going BOATING!"  She was a little less civic minded when I told her what I really was doing that day.

The weekend before we were at Joann Fabrics and we were waiting in line to get something cut.  As we walked around Tessa informed me (in I swear her loudest voice) that she wants a tattoo. The rest of the conversation went like this (with about 40 women waiting at the cutting counter listening in - one of whch had tattoos plastered across her arms):

Mom:  "Why do you want a tattoo?"
Tessa:  "Because they are so beautiful and cool."
Mom:  "Well, I don't think that is a good idea."
Tessa:  "Mom, I really, really, really want a tattoo.  If I wait until my #6 birthday can I get one?"
Mom:  "Honey, the prophet has told us that we should not do that to our bodies." 
Tessa:  "Why doesn't the prophet like tattoos?"
Mom:  "Our bodies are so special and sacred and we don't want to do that to our bodies.  And we don't need tattoos to make us realize how special they are. "
Tessa:  "Why doesn't the prophet like ballerinas?"
Mom:  "What??"
Tessa:  "How can I be a beautiful ballerina if I don't have a tattoo?"
Mom:  "Do you mean TUTU???  Do you mean the skirt that a ballerina wears?"
Tessa:  "Yes."
Mom:  "That is called a TUTU, not a tattoo.  And yes, you can have one."
Tessa:  "Thanks! What is a tattoo?"