Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fire scare

I am so grateful to have an inspired prophet who tells us to be prepared. Last night there was a fire on the bluff above us at the end of our subdivision. It began as a brush fire but quickly traveled up the bluff to several homes. It was a 4-alarm fire which quickly became a "general alarm" fire which means they call out all firefighters. It was jumping streets, and people were evacuated with no more than a moments notice. Several people weren't even able to get shoes on before they left! While we were comforted that we were not in any immediate danger due to excellent preventative measures taken by the firefighters, I was grateful that we had 72-h0ur kits ready at hand. As a few neighbors packed up their cars with their important items I realized that there is more to be done to be prepared, but I was grateful that we had a few essentials ready to go.


It was so devastating to watch as several families watched their homes burn in front of them. A total of 10 homes were burned literally to the ground, there was one death, and several other homes were damaged. Such a devastating experience for so many, and a cruel reminder to get all things in order.


Rebecca said...

So very glad you guys and your home are okay. How devastating for your neighborhood to go through this! I'm newly inspired to make sure our 72-hour-kits are complete.

Billy and Megan Smith said...

We were thinking about you guys last night. Billy even tried to look up where they fires were exactly to make sure it wasn't you guys. Apparently it was closer to you than we thought!!! We're glad you were okay. That is just so bizarre. And happy first day of school to your kids! They are so cute.