Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie....

You moms out there may be familiar with that book. It delightfully follows all the havoc that comes from offering a mouse a simple cookie, i.e., if you offer a cookie, the mouse will want milk, then a straw, then a mirror to make sure there is no milk mustache, then while looking in the mirror the mouse may notice that she needs to trim her hair so she'll need scissors, etc., etc. And so it goes.

That story has new meaning for me.

You see, we needed to fix the eating situation at our house. Our table fits great in the breakfast nook area ---until you actually have people at the table. The kids have to climb over the arms of the chairs to get into them, no one can get out from the table, cabinets, walls, and the table have all taken a beating, etc. At any rate it seemed like it made sense to get a new table to accommodate the six of us. But if you get a new table that fits us better, then the kitchen island is in the way. If we were to go to the trouble of moving and/or changing the island we would need to change out the countertop. If we do the island counters we should probably consider doing the other kitchen counters so they match, etc., etc., And so it goes.

We met with someone to do the work, got the bid, signed the contract, and started getting excited about all the changes. We were given a timeframe where it would probably be done, and then a backup time frame when it would absolutely be done. That deadline passed two months ago.

It is crazy because just enough work will get done to make us think we are really going to head towards completion, and then.......nothing. That has been the process for a while now. It even seems like we are close to the finish line now, but after 13 unreturned phone calls...well.....

These pictures just show brief glimpses of the process. We'll see what happens, and when. After this you could look around and come up with several more projects to focus on, so you might ask "what's next on the project list?" Our answer: Nothing! At least not for quite some time. These mice need a break from cookies.


1crazymom said...

it is going to look sooooo good! keep posting!
Leigh Anne