Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving week was an activity packed and fun weekend.  The week started off with Ted taking the older kids to the BYU game.  It was FREEZING, but they had a good time anyways.  I. meanwhile, was enjoying some good ol' girl time with my sisters and my mom at Time Out For Women.  I remember thinking how I wasn't sure if I was going to get much out of the presentations this time around - after all, I had been there only a year before.  Man oh man - was I wrong.  It was AMAZING and just what I needed to hear.  Tessa had  her own special date with grandpa and went to Build-A-Bear and McDonalds.  She really knew how to work Grandpa, too.  He was the nice one - I never let her buy the clothes at Build-A-Bear, but she came home with a bear who was fully decked out!  She had a great time! 

We ended the weekend by attending Music and The Spoken Word together.  We had a great time and laughed like crazy.  I even managed to get a little sleep after I switched rooms at 3 in the morning due to some extreme snoring.  :)

Ted flew home to work for a few days and I stayed through the week to do some shopping, some resting, and let the kids see their cousins.  We did manage to sneak in a visit to the aquarium which the kids loved.  They loved seeing all the giant fish, the snakes, and the highlight was.....


the STINGRAYS!  Sam even got so excited he just shoved his arm into the water and then looked at me when he realized he was wearing a long sleeved shirt.  :)


The kids went out to "help" grandpa with the leaves one day.

 And then it was Thanksgiving.  We ate at Liese's house and had a great meal.  However, all thoughts of pumpkin pie was gone from the kids' minds when they saw this:  a chocolate fountain.  Then the kids scurried off and played with cousins and the adults enjoyed the peace and quiet.  It was a great day. 

The following night we went to Temple Square to see the lights.  It was great to see the Wagner side of the family - I wish we could have seen them more, but we will take what we can get!  We were with the Rowleys, the Crandalls, and Rich and Megan's families - but I didn't manage to get pictures of everyone, but the kids had a great time hanging out together. 



The Ball Babies said...

Love the pictures, Leslie! You are stunning - as usual!

6deans said...

Love the blog update. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving break and happy 40th to Ted. I think he and Mike get the best for their age look awards :) Happy Holidays!!!

Jessie said...

This looks like a perfect Thanksgiving. That family picture is amazing! You are all so gorgeous. The cousin with the chocolate dribbling down his chin cracked me up. And I had no idea there was an aquarium in SL. I'll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for the update, Les.