Sunday, December 23, 2007

Being tagged!

Jessie "tagged" me a couple of weeks ago - okay, more than a month ago. I had to laugh when she told me that I was supposed to write six things about myself and then tag six others for their blogs. The only problem is that I only know one person with a blog ---Jessie! However, better late than never, right? My six facts are:

1. I love Sudoku puzzles. I do them every single night. They have helped me get my mind to stop racing and fall asleep. I absolutely love them. When we were on vacation over the summer, Glen did a puzzle out of my book in record time like it was the easiest thing ever. Every night I try to beat his record. I'll let you know when it happens.

2. I love taking pictures. I have taken a few that I really love, but only because they are of people I love. I love pictures that are not completely posed and show the personality of an individual. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes.

3. I love to tackle big projects. I like learning how to tile a floor, painting a giant room. redoing baseboards, etc. They won't turn out perfectly (at least not for me), but I love figuring out how things are done and learning a new skill. I only wish I could keep my eyes from darting to every mistake when I walk into a room!

4. I hate snakes. There have not been a lot, but a few is more than enough for me. One day Sam asked me if he could go out and touch the snake that was on our porch. I told him that it was just a stick because I was certain it wasn't really a snake. I was wrong. When I came over to look, I saw a three or four foot snake warming itself on our patio. I quickly took a picture to look up whether it was poisonous. It wasn't, but just the way it slithered away gave me the creeps. I thought I was the worst with this until I saw Ted jump when he found a snake in our garage. I guess it is pretty unanimous - we are all afraid of snakes!

5. I have a love/hate relationship with the deer. I hate that my tulips are always eaten and that my bushes tend to be stripped bare. I love that they eat my tulips and that my bushes are food for them. Now that I have a few more deer resistant plants my yard doesn't just look like a feeding ground, either.

6. There are two shows that I watch every week. The Office, and The Biggest Loser. One makes me laugh until I cry, and the other show inspires me until I cry. Either way, Ted and I love watching these shows. Admittedly, Ted watches The Biggest Loser just because I like it, but it is still a great time!


Dave said...

Les, I (I mean we) love the office too. I also used to watch the Biggest Loser all the time--Ted played the title role. Ha Ha Ha!
Merry Christmas!

Dave said...

OK, Ted. I felt bad about that joke. Sorry I'm so mean. You're not really a loser. In fact, based on all the attention our mailbox got in high school, you're the most popular kid on the block. Hold your head high.