Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tessa's Birthday - For Real This Time

After approximately three billion inquiries as to when it would be her birthday it finally came - and we couldn't have been more ready for the big day to get here. The morning of her birthday Ted came in and told her that she wasn't his favorite 3-year-old anymore. She laughed and squealed that she knew that because now she was his favorite 4-year-old. Man, she was excited. And so were we.

This is how she spent a great deal of the day - eyeing, touching, shifting things on her cake. Then I came in behind her to try and "re-sculpt" it. By the end I just wanted it eaten and gone!! :)

(I want to get clips that actually STAY in to keep mykids' hair out of their eyes, but that's another birthday wish...)

In case this scooter looks familiar, it should. She received this same scooter for Christmas a year ago - but the big kids played on it and it broke, so she was very clear that she needed a replacement scooter for "the one that the big huge kids took from me and broke!" FYI: The big huge kids are Lincoln and Sam, so apparently that scooter isn't cleared for a very high weight.

Emma's sweet friends were so concerned about Tessa that they even brought her birthday gifts...and she ATE up all the attention!

That Friday we had her birthday party and headed to Build-A-Bear. We let her invite a few friends and they stuffed their bears....

bathed them.....

named them, and played with them.

Our big fancy (yeah right) party then headed out to the courtyard area where they ate cupcakes. Ted and I were trying to keep it as simple as possible and it turned out great.
As you can see, Tessa was primed and ready to pose for pictures. Then again, she should be. She's been practicing for her birthday celebration for over six months now. :)

Happy Birthday to our favorite 4-year-old!

And in case you are wondering, she really is already planning her next birthday party. I'll break the news of the "every other year" policy for parties later on.


Jessie said...

Happy Birthday to Tessa! She is so darling.