Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was great.  For some reason we didn't feel the same rush that we have in years past.  Maybe it was because Emma had surgery a few days before so we weren't out and about as much, or maybe it is because I was more prepared (I wish), or maybe it is just because we slowed down a little bit.  Whatever the reason, it was a great holiday season all around. 

This year we bought a real tree - our first real tree since before dental school.  We thought it was going to be a giant pain, but we loved it!  In fact, we got rid of our fake tree soon after Christmas. 
The kids received their Christmas ornaments, and had a great time decorating the tree. 
Christmas morning came early, but everybody was so excited, and the did let us sleep until 7:30.  I wasn't going to complain too much, because I think they had been up since before 6:00. 

Emma had a t-shirt made for Lincoln.  She thinks Chuck Norris is hilarious. 

Ted finally got a decent TV to put out in the garage for when he is on his bike trainer. 

Lincoln got some more motorized projects to build as well as an Ipod Touch.  Sam's favorite gift was a rock tumbler.  He put that one to immediate use. 

Tessa got her walking dog (which Jack hates and she loves to have it walk after Jack).

Emma got an I-home and was happy to never awaken to buzzing noises again. 

She also got this Donovan Jersey (soccer player for those who don't know). 

I got plenty for Christmas too - they just came (or are coming) in the form of house projects.  :)


The picture of this owl is in here because he sat in the tree by our house all through dinner.  I'm sure he was waiting for Jack to come out and become his next meal.  Since that time we have seen two owls.  I'm hoping that since Jack is still around and unscathed that that means he isn't interested in our little black dog.  :)

It really was a Merry Christmas!