Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Man, Lincoln never disappoints us. This year they were following the actual weight rules, so we were ready to fashion a serious sports car for competition. Lincoln had a different idea, though.

This year he wanted to construct a brick. He wanted it to look like a brick, say "Brick Corp." on it, and it was going to be cool. He loved it. The other kids loved it. And surprisingly, it actually won several races.

When Ted heard that he wasn't needed for hours of sanding, weighing, gluing, and whatever you do with a typical pinewood derby car he knew he had struck gold. He simply grabbed Lincoln in a bear hug saying, "I love you, Lincoln!!"

Lest you fear that Ted is being deprived of the typical pinewood derby experience, put your mind at ease. Sammy will have nothing to do with these "out of the box" concepts. His will be a race car through and through upon which you can spend hours and hours of work. :)


1crazymom said...

I LOVE IT!!! Lincoln, you are SO creative!