Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010

The cousins in Toon Town

It has been gray here. Very gray. Cold and gray. Depressing, cold, and gray. That is why I could barely control my excitement when we decided to go to Disneyland for spring break. I was excited. The kids couldn't control their excitement. Ted was supportive. (It isn't that he doesn't like Disneyland, it is just that when he thinks of a vacation he thinks of a place that is quiet, serene, and as sparsely populated as possible. That is to say, he thinks of an environment that is essentially the opposite of Disneyland. That being said, he was a GREAT sport and even, I daresay, excited about taking the kids to Disneyland, and jealous that we went out ahead of him.)

We met my two sisters and my parents. The kids were in heaven. My family is so dang fun to be around. Tessa loved it. She was just tall enough to go on most of the rides (with the help of a specific pare of sandals). She even went on Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Matterhorn - and the Matterhorn and Splash Mountain were her favorites. We did the Fantasy Land rides - but every time Tessa got off she would say, "Now are we doing the mad bear ride? Let's go do that." (Translation: Now are we doing the Matterhorn with the angry ice monster?) Sam loved the jedi training and made himself a double light saber - (yes, we have one already here that he got for Christmas, but he MADE this one!) Lincoln and Emma both loved going off with the older cousins and riding the big roller coasters - especially since Ted and I are a bit more squeamish these days.

Tessa in Tarzan's Treehouse.

My sisters and the kids on Splash Mountain. This is where Lara insisted that she had her arms up the whole time - she is in the pink shirt. I'll let the photo do the talking. :)

Channelling their inner princesses! Tessa already had the dress on which didin't hurt.

Everyone got along well despite the different opinions as to which University to support!

Sam at Jedi Training. I think he about died when he saw Darth Vader come out - he was in HEAVEN!!!

Outside Tower of Terror - Yep, Tessa rode it bravely.

Taking a break after California Screamin' (no, Tessa didn't ride it - she/mom opted for the carousel next door.)
When we got home we hurriedly got excited for Easter and decorated Easter eggs. (You know the kids are all exhausted when Tessa decides to just sit and watch everyone color eggs.)
The next morning they all had enough energy to run around and search for eggs and their Easter baskets. (We only had to gently encourage Emma to wake up in the morning.) What a great ending to a great week!
The only thing we missed here was cold, rainy, snowy, gray weather. Man I love spring break!!!


1crazymom said...

Lara is SO brave! HAHA! We had so much fun w/ you guys! We love you!