Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school --WOOHOO!!!!

I can't believe she is in eighth grade. But she is ready. No more is she the lowly seventh grader wandering the halls. Nope - she is familiar with the school, ready to tackle her classes, and eager to wear makeup. (I still haven't conceded to anything more than mascara, but that doesn't stop her from asking.) Man, they grow up fast.

Lincoln and Sam are thrilled about school starting later, it means there is less of a rush this year to get out to the door to the bus. Instead of being to the bus stop by 7:53, they get to stay home until 8:20. In kid world that is awesome -more time to sleep in and dawdle. In mom world that means that there should be no reason that their rooms aren't cleaned and chores done before school. However, it seems that mom world only exists in my mind.

Sam showing me that he is in second grade - no he isn't giving me the "peace" sign.

Lincoln is going into fifth grade. He is excited but nervous, mostly because Emma has been telling him how much homework he will have this year.

Tessa here meeting with her preschool teacher, Mrs. Patricia. Tessa is so excited - her school starts one week after the other kids go back to school.