Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wagner Family Reunion at Brianhead

This year we had the Wagner family reunion at the Adams' cabin in Brianhead, Utah. It was beautiful. It was so fun to see everyone, and watch the cousins interact together. We played games, ate smores the size of your head, rode four-wheelers, did crafts, ate great food, talked, read, and played some more. It was fabulous!

Here are all the cousins in the posed picture.

Here they are showing more of their personalities as we tried to get another picture!

At the top of the mountain - it was cold, so we got out long enough to take a picture and then rushed back to the car - yes, we are wimps.

Crafts in the afternoon.

Playing the cotton ball game (and praying that nobody fell as they ran full speed without watching where they were going).
The Oreo game (Note howTessa skipped the game part and went straight to the
cookie eating part!)

Holding the pinata for all the kids - probably the safest place around given how some of the kids (and grandparents) were wildly swinging the bat around. :)

Don't worry - she DID manage to get that entire thing in her mouth (and on her face, and on her shirt, and on her pants,....)

Sam spent more time on these four-wheelers than anywhere else. He LOVED them, and he would wander from person to person until someone would agree to go out with him....

until he knew we were making smores.
The front entry way - a happy sign of all of us being together.

Thanks for a wonderful reunion! It was FANTASTIC!!