Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wrappin' Up Summer

What else did we do all summer? We had our trip to Brianhead. We went to Island Park. We went swimming a lot. We took bike rides. We went to the Natatorium. The boys went camping. However, one of the kids' favorite activies during the summer is going to Snowbird to ride the slide, do the zip line, do rock climbing, and do these trampoline bounce things - I have no idea what they are really called.

They also like to float the Boise River.
I hate this. Every year I dread it like the plague.
I haven't had the best luck floating rivers, and it scares me to death that my kids want to do this - which is crazy, I know. Because, let's face it, the Boise River isn't exactly known as a "whitewater" river. However, I still hate it. Seriously. But they love it so I knew I had to let the kids go. I seriously talked to Ted for about 35 minutes about how nervous I get about this. (Keep in mind, they go every year, but I still freak out.)

Here they are coming to the pull-out point. I see this picture and laugh thinking about how this river represents the "jaws of death" in my mind, but it looks pretty peaceful here. Oh well - they had fun, and I didn't have to go, so it worked out just fine. Until next year when we have this discussion all over again.

Thanks, Troy, for going with Ted (and making it so I didn't have to go!!).