Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cipher In The Snow

Growing up I became familiar with a movie that we were shown in school called "The Cipher In The Snow." The basic story line is that this little boy who is neglected and ignored and so quiet that he won't ask for help from anybody steps off the bus and dies in the snow.  Yeah, not the most uplifting show you will ever see.  Apparently the boy had no friends and was so quiet and lonely that he dies.  Upon reflection they find his poems that go along the lines of "I like Frogs, they jump on logs."   Ted and I still joke about that poem - grossly inappropriate to make jokes about the poem in such a sad show, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't.  Just sayin'......

Anyhow, fast forward a gazillion years and my own daughter enters the world known as public school.  Although she excels academically all of her teachers ask me the same question:  ""Does Emma talk at home?"  "Does she have friends that she talks to?"  Apparently at school Emma would do anything and everything to avoid drawing attention to herself.  We became concerned and tried to encourage her to venture into new activities, and there was growth, but you could see it was painful for her.  Even as she entered Jr. High her parent teacher conferences always had the same tone.  Although they never used these words, all I could hear them saying was, "You are raising the next cipher in the snow."  

Fast forward what seems like 10 minutes to the time she enters high school.  She tells us about a choir group she has joined and a concert she is going to attend.  It wasn't until we were driving out TO the concert that she mentioned that she had a solo within the song.  

When she began belting out a song Ted and I about started crying.  When she saw their performance of course she heard the notes that weren't exactly right and noticed everything that was wrong.  When we watched her perform all we could see was our little "cipher" shining beautifully in the spotlight.  

Here is the link if you want to see their performance.  

It was a great night, and it brought tears to my eyes as I realized all the growth that has taken place in my sweet daughter.  We were bursting we were so proud, and as an added bonus her group won the competition presumably for their entertainment factor in the song.  It was a great night.  

Goodbye cipher.  Hello Diva.  :)


Rebecca said...

The link to the solo did not work, but it sounds like it was wonderful! Congratulations, Emma! Singing a solo is scary!

Jessie said...

Awesome Emma! You sounded so good! Your part was definitely my favorite. You have such a strong and clear voice! Loved it!

6deans said...

What a brave girl! That was so awesome and they all did great. Pitch perfect ;)