Monday, February 25, 2013

Ted turns 41!!!

With lots of hoopla and fan fare we celebrated Ted's birthday - back in November!  Actually, there was very little hoopla and I'm not sure if there was much fan fare, but it wasn't for lack of Tessa trying.  She loves birthdays like nobody's business.  She was more excited than anybody for Ted's big day.  

She helped with the homemade Boston Cream Pie.  

She wrapped the presents. 

And she sang louder than anybody when we sang Happy Birthday.  No doubt she loves her daddy - we all do.  He may not look like he changes much over the years, but man oh man - I'm here to tell you he just gets better and better.  

Love you, Babe!  Happy 41!


Jessie said...

Love the picture of Tessa kissing her daddy. So sweet. Happy Birthday to Ted!