Monday, February 25, 2013

Sammy Turns 10!

Sweet Sammy turned 10.  Mom was feeling tired and wanted to go out to dinner, but he only wanted spaghetti from home for dinner.  Add to that one magnifying glass birthday cake, and soccer gifts galore and he was pleased as punch.

He is all about soccer lately and only wanted a new ball, new shin guards, and a rebounder net to practice with.  If it has to do with soccer he loves it.  He writes letter to pro soccer players all the time, earns money to buy jerseys, and prays for the snow to melt so he can go outside and play soccer.  

We love you, Sam.  You are a sweet and amazing kid and we are so grateful for the joy that you are in our family!!!  Happy Birthday!


Rebecca said...

We love Sammy! Glad he had a great birthday. Nice cake, Leslie. You are brave to let the world you can do that...the requests for custom cakes might come pouring in :)

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! How fun to be 10! And that cake is awesome.